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Az oldal alján olvasható eredeti üzenetre ezek a válaszok voltak:
válasz erre 2013.05.29. 14:56:38 (2308
Felhasználói profil
9.31 @ 236
ebben az évben mikor lesz a verseny????

a rám eső részét lefordítanád??

vagy csak translate google?? 
Re: (2307)

Ez volt az eredeti üzenet. Ha már ez is egy válasz volt, tovább kutathatsz, ha az előzmények linkre böksz.
válasz erre 2013.05.28. 12:40:15 (2307
Ezt most kaptam Boszniából...

Hello my friend,

at this following link are all rules for championship drag racing in Bosnia.
look from 31.-38 (only A10 - trke ubrzanja rules)
you can use google translate for full info..


Now I give you a short version what is important.
Saturday races - championship races

2 Amateur classes A1 and A2 with time index rules
A1 15,7 sec +; A2 14.700-15,699 sec; no breakout;

5 Semi-Pro classes SP1-SP5
in this classes there is a mix of various coefficients which determinates
the class. coefficcients will be given for RWD and AWD (FWD = 1); use of
turbo or any other forced induction; use of nitrous; combination of
FI+NOS; wankel etc.. diesel/turbodiesel cars have beneficiary coefficcient
(0,8). Class Table shows the maximum motor ccm allowed for car specific
for example: car is 2.0 Turbo with RWD - according to table it is class SP
3 (RWD turbo max ccm allowed 2030)
example 2: car is 2.0 Turbo with NOS and AWD - according to table it is in
class SP5 (cars with this specification and over 1810 ccm)
Time index for SP classes is 14,699-11,500 sec; no breakout;

3 Pro classes P1-P3
Pro classes have only 2 restrictions. Cars must be faster then 11,500 sec.
Second restriction is driving wheels of car:
P1- Pro FWD for cars faster then 11,5 sec and FWD
P2- Pro RWD for cars faster then 11,5 sec and RWD
P3- Pro AWD for cars faster then 11,5 sec and AWD

Drivers in category SP1-SP5 and P1-P3 must have valid licences from their
national automotive assocciations or from car clubs/racing series who are
recognized from national assocciation in their country.

Drivers in Pro category must meet FIA safety standards regarding full
racing suite for driver (homologation may be expired for max 10 years),
roll bar in minimum 4 spots in bottom, fire extinguishing system, helmet
and gloves.. these standards are also for cars slower then 11,5 but with
repositioned motor or other huge difference from serial vehicle.

all times are measured including reaction time; total time counts, not ET,
in qualification and elimination races.
qualification is 4-5 hours; TOP 8 are preceeding to race

entry fee is 30 euro. Price is all entry fees devided with number of
classes and mulitpliciated with class coefficcient (fastest classes have
best coefficcient) - aprox. 300-400 euro expected

Sunday races are time index races and are not part of championship. all
drivers drive within 1 sec are 1 class, no metter what they are driving..
prices on sunday are same for all classes - all entry fees devided with
class number is price money.

if you need more info just say..
you can tell your friend that if they want to come to Sarajevo for racing,
i will take the accomodation costs (hotel, etc). they have to look for ATA
Carnet for crossing border with cars which are not registred. 

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